About us

Succursale-Online has already25+ years of credit granting experience

Since 2006, we have been operating all over the world with customers in over 150 countries and an approval rate of approximately 63%

It stands out for its close customer relations, even remotely, adapted to each request and each situation. This personalized relationship is possible thanks to the involvement of all our employees, for whom each client is unique: our objective is to understand the specificities of each situation, and to provide personalized service that is as close as possible to the expectations and needs of each one.

  • 25 years of experience

    Your loved ones have been with us since 1998 with complete confidence

  • With prizes awarded

    Our credit achievements are recognized around the world by major institutions and organizations

  • 100% satisfaction

    Our customers always keep smiling, because we assure them the continuity of their projects with the various credits

  • Funding Management

    We also participate in the management of millions of euros in financing for small and large business projects

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Our services

The Services we offer to all our Clients

Project Loan

For the creation of your company or the implementation of your projects, we support you for all the costs for which you are responsible

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Personal Loan

A loan to cover your personal needs: family vacations, household equipment, computer equipment, happy events, current expenses and others.

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Farm loan

This loan covers your machine and agricultural product needs, to allow you to have adequate means if you are an agronomist, farmer or farmer.

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Housing loan

You finally want to have your roof, your house or perhaps buy your plot, that's good. But if you need help please contact us.

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Study loan

We can support you in your studies, support your children or even your loved ones on your behalf. Consult our customer service

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Auto loan

For the acquisition of any vehicle with 02 wheels or 04 wheels such as a car, a motorcycle, a utility, a trailer, a caravan, a camper, and others.

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Our Operation

Terms & Conditions

  • 18+

    Be at least 18 years old and no more than 68 years old on the date of application;

  • Salary and Income

    Have a source of monthly income, which can cover loan commitments;

  • Morality

    Be of good moral character and able to follow and respect the procedure put in place by the bank

  • Reimbursement

    After obtaining the funds, respect the reimbursement deadlines to avoid any prejudice

Future Projects

For our commitment to the satisfaction of our services


Financial plan

Large Enterprise Projects

Personal and Medium Project

Small and medium-sized enterprise

Investment and monitoring Education

Student, Employee and Unemployed

Intermediate company

Business project follow-up

Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism Financing

Training and Workshops

Financing training and business creation
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